NIVERO is founded on the basis that different is the threshold of fashion. Constant change is cultivated by NIVERO. I hope to increase public awareness of open-mindedness. I am the creative mind and soul of NIVERO. My brand promises to push boundaries for those who want to make a statement. NIVERO is not just any clothing line, it's a piece of me. Every stitch has a story.


This brand goes out to Mimi, Dad, Destinee & Pepe

Thank you mom for telling me to never give up on my dreams.

Thank you Carmen for teaching me how to sew and for the fabrics in Season 2.

Thank you Javier to being one of the best boyfriends + helping me make my dreams a reality. NIVERO happened all thanks to you. I love you forever.

Thank you Ben for always being so kick ass. You've always understood my vision + i love you mi cielo <33333

Thank you to all the models involved, you guys are all true & genuine friends!



Creative Director - NIVERO